2 monitor problem

Just added a second monitor to my Imac to use when writing with Scrivener. Everything works great except Scrivener! For example, If I have a browser open on the second screen and then open Scrivener, the second screen pushes the browser window off the screen! Also, this has happened for a while, but scrivener when it loads, slides in from one side, unlike any other app when opened… this sound familiar to anyone? Would love a solution for this!

Sounds like your using the full screen mode (try clicking on the two arrow icon in the menu of Scrivener to bring it back to windowed mode). Full screen does this with most, if not all apps when you go full-screen with them. Apparently, they’ll fix this in the next version of Mac OS X.

apple.com/osx/preview/?cid=w … e-displays

One of the most annoying “features” of OS X’s full scree mode - and a key reason I’m looking forward to Mavericks. In the meantime, you can use Scrivener’s Compose mode instead.