2-page layout?

Is there a way to have a 2-page layout in Scrivener while working? You know, two pages, side by side, like a book?

Not yet, but I think Keith was looking at adding it for the next release.

Not sure whether that is still the case, though.

That’s good to hear. Keith, can you chime in on this one?

There is page layout in the next update of Scrivener, and you can choose two-up (facing pages) as part of this. This is only available in the main window and will not be available in full screen (there will be no page layout in full screen mode). And no, there is no set date for the update. :slight_smile: It will be some time yet. That said, I would advise only purchasing Scrivener based on current features, as I make no definite promises about unreleased versions, though.

All the best,

Any updates on this feature? Or, I guess what I am asking is when is the nect version of Scrivener coming? :slight_smile:

It comes when it comes. :slight_smile: No set dates.