2 page option in Compose mode

I really like the Compose mode on my laptop, but when I’m using it on a large widescreen monitor I’d like the option to be able to see 2 pages across. I.e. similar to the option in Microsoft Word where you can toggle between ‘reading’ view and seeing the actual page.

This idea was tried before (way back before Scrivener was even released, actually), but in practice it is just a bit too awkward for practical use, especially since there aren’t pages in Composition Mode, you can’t really apply the model that Word uses (and even then it mainly uses it for reading, the editing full screen mode is buried).

Thanks, interesting link. I see that the page mode then may not work… but I’d still find it very useful to have 2 columns in Compose mode (without specific pages) to take advantage of large widescreen monitors.