2-panel Outliner mode, why one panel has larger line spacing?

I have 2 panels both in Outliner mode, In each, at the bottom right corner, I’ve selected the icon that gives me word-wrap.

I can’t figure out why, in the two Outliner panels, one has greater line spacing than the other.

I understand that, in the Preferences / Apperance / Outliner / Options, we can set the row spacing. My assumption is that whatever options are set, those would apply to every Outliner panel

But here, both panels are the Outliner, but one of them has a greater row spacing than the other.


I’m not sure that this is what you’re experiencing but I can get what appears to be a similar effect.

The button that you circled in red in the Outliner footer is a toggle to show or hide the synopsis. You can see what it’s toggled to in the Outliner header. It’ll print Title, or Title and Synopsis.

The spacing can be different depending upon what your settings are at Scrivener Preferences > Appearances > Outliner > Options….there’s two row spacing options there, one for “with synopses”, the other for “titles only”.

If one were set to 50 points and the other to 10, for example, you’d see a difference in a two Outliner setup depending upon what is toggled at the footer––Title, or Title and Synopsis.

If you’ve not yet, it’s something worth checking.

(I’m running macOS 10.14.6 and Scrivener 3.1.5)

SC, for the botton-right button, I believed I set those buttons identically in each panel to show the synopses. That’s because only in that mode is there line-wrapping. (In the other mode, the end of lines are cut short with dot dot dot at the end.

Here are my settings. As you can see, it is identical for both with and without synopses:


Another possibility–

There’s a Scrivener feature––at Scrivener Menu Bar > Window > Layouts…
It’s explained in the Scrivener Manual (accessed in the Help menu and elsewhere) v3.2.0 at Sec 12.3, Saved Layouts.

In my version of Scrivener there’s one stock Layout called “Three-Pane (Outline)”. I tried it and it looks similar to what you’ve posted. If that’s how you got to where you are––that Layout ignores the previously noted line spacing settings.

Again, if that’s the case, rather than use that Layout, create your own Layout* or just manually manipulate a split to include two Outliner views which will then respect your line spacing settings in Preferences.

*Can’t help you with that beyond the above Scrivener Manual reference.

Yes, that worked.

In the view selector, I selected Default - and then created my own 2-panel mode from scratch, and both panels had the same line spacing.


When the software developers created the panel presets, I can’t see the logic of why they defined a preset that ignores the spacings set in the Preferences. I wonder if that is a bug in Scrivener?

It’s not a bug, it’s an essential Layout ingredient. The built-in “Three Panel (Outliner)” (hereafter, TPO) is just a representation of one workflow. The built-ins* are functionally useful and also exemplify the possibilities that the Saved Layouts feature presents.

For example, in this case we can quickly enter and exit the TPO Layout without changing those line spacing preference settings or fiddling with any UI elements. We could enter TPO, decide to quickly change the view to a self-created Layout of a more expansive view of the Outliner with 8 point spacing, then quickly again switch back to TPO––each time with no fiddling.

I look at it like this––each Layout represents a workflow unit of strategically arranged Scrivener elements that can be quickly accessed and/or exited. Layouts also can be imported/exported.

Thanks for your question. It caused me to revisit Layouts. :slight_smile:

*Built-ins cannot be edited. They’re helpful, stock Layouts included in each Scrivener installation. General info in the Scrivener Manual Sec. 12.3, Saving Layouts and at Appendix E, Stock Window Layouts.