2 Second Hang Each Time I start Scrivener

OS X 10.9.1
Scrivener 2.5 (25239)

Whenever I try to use scrivener for the first each day there is about a 2 second hang and I get a spinning beach ball then it seems to work fine for the rest of the day or until I close it down for a while and then start it up.

This does not occur when I try to enter text but also when I attempt to use the spell checker or text to speech. Mostly I noticed the hang whenever I attempt to use the text editor for writing.

Just thought you’d like to know you have a bug.

This is probably nothing to worry about. There are a few “housekeeping” things that Scrivener does when you start it up for the first time, and there are also some things that the operating system itself will do when starting a program. Components of the software are cached into the high-speed memory of your computer, so if you quit and relaunch it quickly, it will start up much faster than when it has to load all of the software off of the hard drive. If you close it for a while, eventually the OS will clear out these components from the RAM so that it can be used for other things. I’m not sure if that it is precisely that that you are seeing, but I’m just saying that two seconds is fine. If it were thirty or fifty seconds then we could definitey say that you were seeing a problem.