2 strange things happening

(1) This is strange, but I had typed about 1,500 words into one Folder, and as I worked on that chapter, I reduced what I wanted in there to about 500 words. I didn’t want to lose the other 1,000 words so I put a subfolder under the main Folder and cut and pasted those extra 1,000 words in there. Then I went back to simply ‘delete’ those 1,000 words from the main Folder.

But while sometimes it let me ‘cut’ the text, other times the ‘cut’ was grayed out, not letting me cut it. Does this have something to do with making a subfolder?

(2) I went to the Net and found an article I wanted to put in Scrivener, so I did a ‘Print’ and chose to send it to Scrivener in PDF form. Now I find it in my “Draft” Folder, along with some text at the top that I’d typed in there. The two (my text and the PDF) have different colored backgrounds. Can someone explain this to me, and also tell me how to put those PDF’s into certain Folders I create?

Edit…let me amend this a little. When I’m in “Draft” I can see everything (in all Folders) in there. But when I click my second Folder, what I see said in (2) above is in there.