2 suggestions

I’ve just finished two pieces of coursework using scrivener, and can’t remember what it would be like working with out it - an absolute godsend!

I have two items to put on my personal wish list. Apologies if they have been mentioned before, I couldn’t find them by searching the forums.

Firstly I I think it would be useful to be to get a word count of selected text. In Nisus Writer, for example, when something is selected, that is the word count displayed.

Secondly, and this may be rather a big one, would it be possible to implement a search feature like in Apple’s preview where the search term is shown in context with a couple of words before and after? It would save trawling through several documents to find the one I want.

Just thought I’d post this now while the intensive scrivener use is fresh in my mind.
Thanks for a great piece of software.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the suggestions.

As for 1), you can already get a word count of selected text. Just ctrl-click on the selected text - the selected word count is displayed in the contextual menu.

As for 2), that’s the sort of thing I would actually like to implement in 2.0. As you say, it’s a big change and would take a lot of work, but it is already on my list for the next major update (i.e. 2.0 - off in the future :slight_smile: ).

Thanks and all the best,

Wonderful. Many thanks!