2 things I really need !!

1) I really need dynamic index / table of contents features, so that I do not have to do these jumps with Microsoft Word and so on. I really need to quickly be able to compile a text for a colleague to read - and have the table of content with page numbers updated and inserted automatically.

2 I really need to be able to import pdf files directly in to the text I am writing. I include pdf files in my non-fiction writing very often. I can include the pdf in the research folder and copy the text, but not the images and other elements - so I have no solution really.

Some times I include one of the pages in the pdf file, some times I include 2 pages or all pages. If I have to edit the pdf file, open it in other software, then export it as images etc to import it in to scrivener, I easily loose track of all the files and it takes hours to manage. I could at least save one hour of work per day if I could do with pdf files what we can do with images. Just put them in to the text where ever I want them.

If Scrivener should be totally perfect for me, I would say that pdf files should have an import feature where you have some options when importing.

a) you can import the entire pdf file as it is.
b) You can select what pages you want to import.
c) You can import pages as images (have them converted in to jpg that gets inserted in your text) and select what pages you want.
d) You can import the content of the pdf file, so that it comes in to your text as unformatted text and images, and select what pages you want.

  1. Does Chapter 23 of the user manual help? I don’t know how well Windows handles pandoc, and you have to be comfortable with learning plain text markup, but it generates TOC in Word and other outputs:
pandoc --toc scrivcompile.md -o output.docx
  1. Can you not screenshot the PDF to clipboard and paste?

In another thread I was made aware that I am using the term IMPORT in a different way than the Scrivener forum is using the term. Import in my posts are written as a software developer would see it, so I am talking about being able to use the elements from a PDF file in Scrivener when I talk about importing the file, not just viewing the PDF file like what import in Scrivener today is talking about.

It is not possible to copy images or do some sort of screen shot of a pdf or selection of a pds in Scrivener today, so the content of a PSF file is not possible to use in Scrivener. The only way is to use a screen shot utility while reading the PDF in scrivener and then saving that as an image.

The snapshot feature in Scrivener should - in my opinion - actually take a snapshot/screen shot.

If you open a PDF file, you have a drop down at the top where you can select snapshot, it makes a sound, but does not actually take any snapshot at all. It does nothing actually, something that can also be defines as a bug.

We are talking about version: - 06 Oct 2016 for Windows.

This probably isn’t much help, but if you have a PDF reader/editor application that allows you to select text from the PDF, you can avoid the snapshot/image route entirely. I no longer have a paid copy of Acrobat Editor, but I believe there are a few others out there that are lower cost (is there still a free solution based on GhostScript?) that should get you there.

BTW saying things like “my posts are written as a software developer would see it” may be counter-productive and be coming off as an insult or slur. The folks who write Scrivener are certainly software developers and they also use Scrivener as well, so import means exactly what they want it to. The technical reasons for why you can’t directly import text from a PDF have been well-documented – Scrivener is not a PDF editor, it’s based on RTF – but maybe using a PDF editor will help you get around that constraint more easily than the screenshot method.

I don’t know what PDF viewer you use, but using Adobe Reader it is possible to click image and copy it to Scrivener.

Here is page 19 from Scrivener PDF manual. I just clicked image and that’s all. Right after that, image could be pasted into Scrivener.

The snapshot feature is very clearly discussed in the User manual (Chapter 15.6):

It has nothing to do with PDFs or function that should be handled by your operating system like screen capturing IMO…

The snapshot feature, as it currently works in Scrivener, is one of its best features. Windows and OS X already provide methods of taking screenshots.

Disclaimer: This post was written by a person who is not a software developer. Each word is intended to be read as if I am writing in plain English.