2-up editor view

I am looking at Scrivener with a view to using it, and finding it very interesting. However, there is one feature it seems to lack (or perhaps I haven’t found it). Since getting my new widescreen iMac and Pages, I have become very taken with the 2-up display mode, to the point where I would really rather not go back to any word processing software which does not let me see the amount of context I can when using it.

Basically, the more of my prose I can see on the screen at once, the better a feel I can get for how everything is working together, and it has become very irritating, in programmes that don’t allow 2-up display, to have the view of my work restricted to one column when I have all that wasted space to the left and right.

(And of course the last thing I want is to adjust the paper size to have a single column the width of a widescreen monitor! That’s totally unreadable!)

So I was wondering, is there a way that I haven’t found for the full-screen editing mode to actually use the full screen width on my iMac in some kind of Pages 2-up-like way, or is it restricted to one column only? Because if so I really don’t think I can switch – the organisational features are nice but it’s the editor where I will spend most of my time, so the editor can’t be worse than the one I already use.


No, it’s restricted to one column only. In 2.0 you will be able to have two-up in the main editor, but even in 2.0 full screen will be one column only. Sorry - thanks for trying anyway!

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In the main editor would do fine, I just assumed that it would be a full-screen feature.

I’ll give version 2.0 a try.


In 2.0 there will be a page layout mode, which will allow a two-up mode, but full screen won’t have the page layout mode (that may change, but not for the initial 2.0 at least), so that’s why it will be in the main editor only.
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I find on my widescreen monitor that it’s useful to maximize the window to the entire screen, even using the dock’s auto-hide feature to add another half-inch of useable height to the window. Once there, I split the screen into two editor windows so I can see the previously written scene next to the one I’m working on. Other times, I use the left “editor” to view either note cards or the outline. In outline mode, I set it to open the document I click on in the right-side editor, so that I can easily browse through my scenes and chapters, which I usually keep to less than 2,000 words.

Until 2.0’s 2-up feature (which is a new term for me, by the way), this may be the next best thing.