2 versions of Scrivener 1.03 and 1.2.1

the latest update gave me a SECOND version of Scrivener, instead of updating 1.03 to 1.2.1
One folder is called Scrivener the newer one is called ScrivenerBeta. ( I did NOT have a Beta installed in my system)

If I double click a file (instead of opening the program first) the file opens in 1.03
Considering the bugs in 1.21, I’m wondering if it would it be best if I uninstall 1.2.1, or would that cause both versions to uninstall?
winxp sp3

Yeah, I got that one, too. Completely uninstall Scrivener, download a fresh copy, and it should go in the proper place.

but isn’t 1.2.1 really buggy?
I’d rather stick with 1.03, so if I uninstall, then I have a buggy version

Version 1.2.3 is the latest, actually, and fixes a few of the worst issues some people were having with the update. If you find it doesn’t run at all, or has a bug you cannot get around, then you can always downgrade to 1.0.3. We keep the last version of the software available on the website for this purpose.