2 Wishlist Candidates re Outline's manipulation

:arrow_right: I know this is pie-in-the-sky!
When in an outlined editor, wouldn’t it be SUPER to be able to click on an item’s displayed characteristic
—EG, its Label or Status value, Created Date … maybe even a Meta value—
And right there, get a refreshed outline list of all (only) such valued items that are within the outline’s top level folder/container (root) downward/inward.
(As submitted earlier, elsewhere, for the Project Search hit results list, it would be nice were the items displayed one way or another to indicate their folder/container locations.)

:arrow_right: Would other Scrivener users find it of use were some outline-displayed field values to percolate upward (virtually). For example, a Status value ‘bookmark’ on a document three-levels down would be displayed virtually in container-only outlines’ Status column of its lowest container level displayed.
I’m thinking that one could click-drill (down) on the value in some way as to arrive at the actual bookmarked document; thinking this would get us to the actual bookmark more quickly than a Project Search + Binder-to-outline routine.
(Yes, absolutely, the current click/double-click menu is very nice: Perhaps a ‘Go To’ option added to the drop-down menu? And yes, it might get confusing at the higher levels … .)

We’ve got some ideas along the lines of the first idea, though not quite how you describe it. I think it will work for what you need, I’ve found it very useful in testing anyway. One thing to note is that your method would conflict with being able to set values directly in the outline.

As to the second, I’m afraid I don’t follow the description, or how that would work/fit/etc. What would be the intended use, or what is it you’re finding difficult to do with the tree view?

Thank you Ioa. Admittedly, I had to recall my purpose for #2 :unamused:

There are two bits of background …
:arrow_right: I typically have more than one item tagged with any particular Label/Status value in my multi-effort project.
:arrow_right: In Info Select, a ‘To Do’ tag on even the lowest, deepest buried, note (item) propagates upward to the lowest closed topic (container) in the item’s path.
Clicking on the tag at that container takes the user directly to the item, opening its path’s branches besides. (I know that I am asking for more than my 10-year old Info Select version, am asking for the ability to use more than a single fixed Label/Status program-defined tag value. I know also that multiple same-tagged items in nearly the same path will require some thinking. (See the ‘Menu’ possibility below.))

In principle, this is about clicking at the ‘top’ of a fully closed work effort’s container set to get directly to a multi-level-in target-tagged item without the multiple steps of a Project Search, likely followed by Ctrl+Shift+8s in order to find the correct-path tagged item. Repeated clicking to drill-down to a particular item is not nearly the best solution for what I was trying to avoid on a daily repeated basis – It was merely a ham-fisted, ‘first draft’ end-result conceptualization. Particularly when I likely know at least the higher levels of the location of the sought item.

This second thought is more pie-in-the-sky than the first … hence its interest-query nature. Though it could seem so, I did not actually intend my post to result in its specific multi-click drill-down process. As such, it would probably never be used! :wink:
(Another way to address this might be to have an accelerator-keyed Menu > View > Label/Status … sequence, provided that in the end, I’d be able to pick the item I wanted from a program-generated list of items. Similar Menu sequences are common in Scrivener.)

We’ve ‘talked’ about minting some accelerator keys for Project Search’s Search/Operator/Options menu and about a combo-box choice list. Some form of these plus a Results list that told me where the hits were would likely be enough to staunch my ‘concern’ here.

I do appreciate your time spent on my miscellaneous ramblings – Thanks for the focus :exclamation: