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we are two screenwriters and we both write and work with scrivener on two different macs. is it possible to work on one file simultaneously? scrivener is great but sometimes it’s (just for us of course) annoying to send scenes around which the other changed…
Baran bo Odar

There is no facility for allowing more than one person to edit a project at once. That’s pretty complicated to do, and is on the long-term list for consideration (which only means it’s been recognised as something that would be useful, but may or may not ever come to fruition). You can search the forums for ‘collaboration’ though, and you’ll come across many posts with tips and tricks—but if swapping scenes is annoying, I’m not sure if many of them will present a dramatic improvement over that. The solution that might appeal to you most is using Dropbox to host the .scriv file and sharing the folder it is in with your colleague. You still can’t both open the project at once, but you’ll both have the latest version available at all times, and so long as you work out a working schedule so there isn’t overlap, it can be quite productive.

If you do like the sound of that route, both of you should read the section “Scrivener Everywhere” in chapter 13 of the user manual. It has a 3-point checklist of things you should always adhere to when using Dropbox like this. They are simple, common sense steps that will avoid any technologically produced pain. Some general advice is given as well. It’s a safe procedure, but can create issues if .scriv projects are not allowed to completely sync up or down before working with them.

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