20 iOS apps discounted.

I’m not sure how this related to an offer of discounted iOS apps back in early march, but here are 20 apps now discounted.

bestappsite.com/20-ios-produ … ited-time/

Nothing I need though. With the obvious exception of Scrivener for iOS, I’m saturated with iDevice apps.

I’m surprised Writer Pro is in that list… didn’t that win Editor’s Choice recently (or maybe it was just the mobile version)? Oh, well… never really wanted to use it, anyway. Just kind of fell short on many levels.

After waiting through the earlier iOS 8 rollouts, I finally installed the third version.
On our 8gb iPads, installation needs 5.8 gb. Great sales tactic, Apple.
Only way to install the new OS was to delete over 30 apps.
Well, never used them anyway, and besides many have web site versions.

Our long dedication to Apple products has certainly waned.
We’re now on Android phones and even own an HP laptop
For running both Chrome and Scrivener, begorrah. :open_mouth:

And HP has a new 14" Stream laptop out, with lifetime LTE, OneCloud storage,
Running Windows 8.1, priced at $300, tinyurl.com/q6ehawh

To be fair, that’s only the case if one updates over the air rather than via iTunes. And it only applies during the upgrade process, not permanently. Personally, I always update via iTunes after doing a full local back up of my iOS devices. It’s faster (can download the update ahead of time), safer, uses less memory.

Glad that you’re enjoying Android. I’ve heard mixed reviews — much like iOS — but those who like it like it a lot (much like iOS). As for Windows 8, apart from a fan boy (his description) I’ve not heard much that was complimentary. Then again, for $300, I guess not much is needed. Still, I think I’d rather a Linux box (I’ve now dabbled with Ubuntu) or a Chromebook than return to Windows: I still find Windows frustrating each and every time I use it. :unamused:

My iPhone actually had more capacity after upgrading.