2010 NaNoWriMo Code: Still Good In August?

I’m not sure if this has been asked, or if this is the proper forum, but I know that originally Scrivener was set to come out much earlier this year. Naturally, I understand why it has been pushed back (forgive me if I’m wrong, but I could have sworn I heard it was coming out in May or something).

I know you guys at L&L love NaNoWriMo enough to have given all of us winners a code for 50% off, but I’m just asking as a clarification if 2010’s winners will still be able to use the code in August? It seems so close to November that I was worried you guys might decide to hold off on it since a whole new batch of winners would be gaining access to the code (assuming you guys allow NaNoWriMo that offer again this year).

I’m just trying to find out so I can know what amount of money to ask my husband for on our anniversary, is all. I’m willing to pay just about anything – I’m in love with Scrivener, and have been since the moment the beta came out. :slight_smile:

Yes, the Nano2010 discount is good for Windows until September 9th. A new coupon code was issued following the original expiration date, so make sure you check the Winners’ Prizes page on the Nanowrimo site to ensure you have the correct code.


  1. When is the release of Scrivener for Windows 1.0 scheduled for at the moment?

  2. Is there going to be another Beta release before that? If so, when?


We’re looking at end of August at the moment (and it’s looking pretty good :wink:).

There will in all likelihood be at least one more beta before the official release, and it will be out prior to August 15th (when 026 expires); it will probably be relatively close to then in order to include as many fixes and improvements as Lee can get in.

Thank you so much! I actually didn’t know about the new code, so that’s good to hear. I’m definitely looking forward to the release. You guys really have a great product on your hands! :slight_smile:

Woot woot. I was just joking to my friend last night how I keep coming back to see if I can buy it yet. Despite the fact that I’m using the beta. :slight_smile:

Just anxious to drop some money on a great piece of software, I guess. Or anxious to know that it’s MINE FOREVER!!! :mrgreen: