Phew! Finally got through every post and email.

I will post a full report (bug list and update) tomorrow.

Thank you all so very much for the wonderful feedback thus far - it’s been fabulous. I certainly appreciate all your efforts and contributions in helping forge Scrivener for Windows. With your feedback, as overwhelming as it has been, Scrivener for Windows now has a destiny to become a truly useful tool-of-trade for many of us. And we have an absolute truck load of work ahead of us code fixing wise.

Till tomorrow.


P.S. I’m so excited I’m going to jump into the pool naked; I’ve always wanted to do that:)

Well, don’t stop yourself on our account. And do post some pics. Please use a digital single-lens reflex still camera with high optical zoom.

Now. Seriously. You should go and get some rest, Lee! :slight_smile: Otherwise there’ll be no one left to post that report tomorrow!

:open_mouth: le’gasp!

Greetings Lee

If I may call this to your attention, unanswered in Tech Support.

Minimum width of word-wrapped paragraphs?

Not a bug but an annoyance. I’d like to adjust the cut-off point at which narrowing an editor window ceases wrapping text and begins forcing it off the screen.


Jerome, I have logged this as a bug. Thank you.