Hi All,

It will be another busy week coming up with the expiry of the current beta on the 25th Feb and Beta 1.7 being released.

We successfully augmented the Qt framework source code last week as discussed in my previous post. This has enabled us to successfully implement zoom and address the rather aggressive dictionary underlining that bugged way too many users, it’s also enabled us to get rid of a lot of workarounds we had in place behind the scenes and a lot of other smaller fixes. You can see the zoom feature in the screenshot below:

We have also implemented the Merge Document feature and whilst we we’re not able, given the time-frame, to implement footnotes and annotations Mac 2.0 style, we have revisited them extensively. So, whilst they remain inline, selection and deselection are now much easier.

We have also revisited find and project search features - I think you’ll find these features more polished now. We have finalized our base installer/uninstall functionality as well as implement an auto-update feature on Windows.

We also spent a chunk of time addressing dictionary, scriptwriting and several other keys bugs and investigating ePub, mobi and mmd - at this stage these all look relatively easy to implement but I doubt they will make the initial release; however, they are likely to freely follow very soon after. That’s my thoughts today, could change tomorrow, too much to do, too little time:) Arrrhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I will post again in a few days with more complete details of what has been fixed and in this release. This will be the last release where any new features are introduced until after the launch end of March. Updates from this new release onwards will include bug fixes only.


Thanks for another update, always good to hear what’s going on.

When 1.7 comes out, should we uninstall 1.6 before installing 1.7 (rather than installing over the top)?

Also, will you be creating a (for want of a better term) ‘roadmap’ of the order you intend to add features? For example, I’m very keen to be able to use and manipulate document templates and icons as the Mac users can and would be very interested to hear what priority that has and when I might be able to do that. But other people will have different wants and needs and will be curious to know when their particular favourite feature will appear. I’m sure dates and times will be impossible to give but even a priority ordered list would be very helpful.

That’s a good call. I will ensure that as part of the close out of the beta I produce a road-map of features to parity with the Mac 2.0 version with a best guess drop order. It would be good to get feedback on this order from the beta group as well to ensure we deliver the most wanted features first. Then we can work out what will constitute version 1x and version 2.0 for Windows. We also need to look at how we handle to Linux version as there is definitely an active community there. However, for now, our focus is getting 1.0 out the door with 30% more features than we first agreed in as robust a shape as possible.

Thanks for the update Lee, and also for all the work being done to get this up and running as a fully fledged product.

Wallet and credit card at the ready … :mrgreen:

Think the roadmap is a good idea, especially if we are on the look out for certain features such as being able to customize fullscreen and the editor.

When 1.0 is released I plan on writing a review. Having a general roadmap is good so that we can tell people if certain features are in the pipeline.

Willing and ready to purchase.

Lee, a very solid report – as always – and the way it is structural always gives a good feeling, that this is a project which for its complexity is in particularly good hands.

Again very much in agreement with the turn towards the polishing side, as this is where nicely reviewable product emerges from the otherwise well-working accomplishment that the already enthused can use.

The road map/priority path is a good exercise in courage, which seems will in equal proportion be appreciated by almost everyone who’s receiving your work.

Hmm. I am thinking of a literature here. Actually, Ursula Le Guin. Something about life existing in the nature of what promises can be made. Promises are sometimes adjusted, but what counts is that we can make them, and follow the sense of them, enough.

All best, and also a smile towards the bits you added, which I will very much enjoy using too.


So very much looking forward to the scriptwriting fixes. It would be fantastic if they were in place for Script Frenzy but really, no rush. The zoom feature looks great! Very exciting. I can’t wait to purchase the release version.

Remember to relax and breathe now and then!

Let us know what/where/when to break things! :slight_smile:

Beta 1.7 will be released today (24th Feb). It’s early morning here in the land of Oz, so I’m expecting it should be ready for download this afternoon.

I will post a full report on the beta later today with the download.

Addressing an earlier question of this post, It is highly recommended that a complete uninstall of beta 1.6 be undertaken after backing up any work that may exist in the Scrivener directory.