Hi Beta Users,

As you may have seen from my post yesterday, I completed reviewing all 571 topics, 2533 posts and 374 emails. As a result I have been able to distill a list of know bugs for beta 1.3. It is attached as a PDF for download or as a simple web page.

PDF:Known Bugs - Scrivener For Windows Beta 1.3.pdf (53.7 KB)
Web page: http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivenerforwindows/OfficialBetaBugList.html

My focus now is very much on fixing these known bugs and continuing to monitor and log new ones that come via this forum. It makes sense to continue with the RTF fixes as a priority and given that NaNoWriMo finishes in a few weeks it’s probably of credence to also focus on the compiler fixes as I’m sure many of you will be wanting to get all those words back out of Scrivener again? However, as I stated previously, I’m happy for everyone to cast their vote on what is a priority. I still haven’t had time to investigate a mechanism for how best to do this yet either and am more than open to suggestions and help if people want to lead this?

There was a rather nasty bug that users should be aware of that we will prioritize fixing:
CROSS LINKED FILE ISSUE: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/cant-delete-files-cant-open-others-bug-logged/9022/7]

I noticed that many users have had troubles understanding how a Scrivener project is structured. For example a fair number have tried to email, dropbox, or usb stick their project.scrivx file and then questioned why they can’t edit their project? I have created the following post for any user interested in understanding at a high level how Scrivener stores all their project information:
Structure of a Scrivener Project: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/how-a-scrivener-project-is-structured/9717/1]

In the Scrivener install directory under the Resources folder is a PDF of all current short-cut keys for Scrivener. This will obviously grow in features as the beta progresses. One set of short-cuts that I"M ALREADY ADDICTED TO is the following:


  1. Click on any text or folder item in the binder
  2. Press the CTRL key
  3. Whilst holding down the CTRL key click an arrow key - UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT

This should put a SMILE on your face as you watch your selection move up, down, indent, out-dent etc…


Monumental work! Thanks very much for your efforts.



I’m a QA Manager of a Seattle game company, and I have to give you a lot of props for how you guys have handled the beta on this one. It’s not easy to “crowdsource” the testing like this, and get meaningful results.

Your team has done an awesome job of listening, responding and communicating what you’re doing, and I have been impressed.

Also, a lot of credit to the community for a willingness to dig into each issue they find and provide detailed feedback. You have no idea what a treat that is. :slight_smile:

Now, back to writing! I’m at 32,400 and struggling, I can do it though I can do it. And Scrivener has helped me get even further than I’ve ever been.


A comment on one of the bugs in your list:

I am running Windows Vista 32 bit and have the same problem, so I think that it is Vista in general, not just 64 bit.

Thank you. I’ll add Vista 32 bit to the list.

Yes, that put a BIG smile on my face! :mrgreen: :smiley: :mrgreen:

That is a neat trick, but wouldn’t it be more discoverable to just be able to drag and drop items in the binder?

You should already be able to do that, ghosttie. Are you trying to re-order items in a search result perhaps? This trick is for people that would prefer the keyboard for organising items, and so I think it is a good one since it is not immediately obvious.

Oops, my mistake. I don’t know why I thought I couldn’t do that before…


I have been growling silently for a long time now, have even considered asking a few times if that could be made easier somehow. I keep changing my mind on where in my story things should happen, so keep trying to move things, and it has taken me many many tries to get things into just the right level and position using the drag/drop method whenever I wanted to move a scene.

Thank you!


Hi, I know there’s still no voting mechanism for addressing bugs… However, I would just like to ask you to keep international writers in mind. I love Scrivener, but cannot use it because it eats up half the accents I write. As a Spanish-speaking writer, this is just too big to overlook, and I can’t use Scrivener to write until this is been fixed (writing in another program and then pasting it seems to defeat the purpose completely).


You’re doing a great job. Of course, we all want the finished product yesterday, but I’m still impressed with the speed that you’re addressing bugs and the number you’re knocking out.

Thanks a million! And in case it hasn’t been said enough: this product rocks!

Thanks again,