24 hours without Wock or Vick-K!?

The silence is deafening. You guys alright?

Jeezzz!! are we that bad :laughing: :laughing:

You concern if touching…and much apreciated :wink:

Im just about to go to bed, but Ill try and offend someone`s sensibilities tomorrow, to make amends.

The pigeonll probably be ratarsed and hallucinating, by now. Its about 10pm on the East coast.

Take care


Don’t kick the hounds when they’ve been howling for months and finally took a nap.


Its not that easy to offend, when tisnt your nature. :confused:

I never had anyone count the hours that I was gone…

I feel loved. :slight_smile:

Actually I was trying to figure out a way to genetically introduce a termite that would excrete absinthe as it eats wood. It was to be a present for Vic-k so his hollow wooden leg of liquor would never go empty.

The scary question is where is Jaysen’s head?


Mr Wock.
You don`t really want to go there.
Do take care
Dr Mulality

it would if one of the termites got lost and went out the bottom. He’d be leaking all over the floor.

Be easier to follow the little feisty feller and keep a wary eye on him, especially when he heads to SCR bar amidship and gets that predatory look in his eye when someone new pops their head fer a little hair of the dog and to listen to embellished yarns of days once plundered.