Hi beta testers,

I just want to thank you all for all your kind words and support - I’m so appreciative of this; thank you.

I have just come back from a 5 day break with my family. I’m feeling refreshed and invigorated again.

Ian is also doing well and fortunately was not adversely affected by the floods; however, some of his friends were not so lucky. He’s also back on Scrivener. Despite the set backs and breaks we are still determined to try and release Scrivener end of Feb 2011 as previously targeted. We still believe this is achievable, but realize we have a lot of bugs still to fix. However, if we get two weeks out and we just know we’re not going to make it we will reevaluate and advise. We’re not about to release anything sub standard after we’ve all worked so hard.

As I was away last week, I will respond to some comments from my previous post here and give a brief update on what we have fixed since the 16th Jan.

Firstly, the fixes:

  1. Ability to save your own blank templates - fixed.

  2. Edit>Options>General ‘Show start panel when there are no projects open’ does not save state change - fixed

  3. Smart apostrophes are lost with RTF imports - fixed

  4. em and en dashes are also lost with RTF imports - fixed

  5. File names with additional ‘.’ To be handled correctly - fixed

  6. Format > Scriptwriting > Script Mode - Screenplay Parenthetical element bug - fixed.

  7. Scriptwriting - general overhaul of mode formatting as this was all over the place - fixed

  8. Scriptwriting crashes when trying to exit via ‘X’ in scriptwriting mode - fixed

  9. Scriptwriting after typing a character name, regardless of whether I hit TAB to enter dialogue, or hit ENTER and select DIALOGUE from the drop down, I get a full line of space between the character name and the dialogue - fixed

  10. Scriptwriting GENERAL fixes: fixed setting dialog layouts, fixed ownership of script mode between editors - they are now in sync, script mode now saves across projects, pressing tab on a line works as expected now regardless of whether line is empty or not.

I would like to release 1.6 this weekend if I can get the live update code and doc, docx, html engine working satisfactorily as well as a bunch of other fixes.

COMMENTS from last post:

Sorry, this was not obvious. StaceyUK’s comments addressed this - thanks StaceyUK:

Also, there is no support for bullet points in index cards currently. I’m not sure that there should be as these get saved as plain text anyway - so any rich text will get lost. However, that’s not to say that you can’t enter something like:

  1. point one
  2. point two
  • point three
  • point four

You can post any wish list feature on this forum. My intention is for the Windows version to have pretty much everything the Mac version has i.e. for version 1 of Windows to be on par with what version 1.5 on Mac had where possible. Likewise for version 2. However, with that as the bench mark, Keith (Scrivener creator and Mac developer) is very open to the Windows version catering to its audience in a platform specific way. So, with the names generator, it does pretty much what the Mac version does (although slightly differently); however, it also has many more names and origins and does a little more too in Windows i.e. first name meanings, search options and greater alliteration control. One thing we could add is the ability to load/save additional names with a keywords associated with them i.e. ‘Posh Names’, but that’s not a priority right now.

It will become more important as we progress to open the Windows and Linux platform to third party developers to develop Scrivener plug-ins that will have access to parts of the Scrivener application programming interface (API). I developed the Names Generator as a very simple test for this plug-in architecture which is still very much in development and will probably see the light of day after release 1.0. So, that’s the long and short of it at this stage. Hopefully, you’ll see that Scrivener has a very bright future for creative third parties once this is implemented later this year.

You have complete control over the combination for the origin of the first name as well as the origin of the last name. So, you might want to change these so that you have the combination you are after. The default origin is ‘All’ so you’re guaranteed a unique name combination from a pool of approx 140,000 names.

This is incredibly considerate of you to offer this; however, I think we’ll be okay. It has been a little stressful financially but we’re confident we can meet the Feb date without cutting corners. With the core RTF bugs behind us (some smaller ones still exist I know) we just have to churn through the smaller bug fixes now. I really do appreciate and am touched by the thought though - thank you.

Good observation, that’s a bug. I’ve logged it.

I really appreciate this comment too. It should have been done far sooner which was a mistake on my part. I’m hoping to have this implemented in the next release 1.6. You are correct, it takes a huge amount of time to prepare a release and this would certainly make things simpler. I will be working this week on the ability to download additional dictionaries from within the options dialog. Part of this work can be re-used to check for a new Scrivener release, if available, and prompt the user to download in the background. If I can get it working reliably it will be in the next release, but it may slip to 1.7 - I’ll see how I go with time this week. Thank you for raising this.

Definitely a bug and logged. I think this is another stray from when we added the ‘Apply’ button to be more specific for Windows users and should be a quick fix.

Well that’s it for me right now. I’ll post again soon. Thank you all again for your patience, support and well wishes. It’s all good stuff and really is helping making Scrivener for Windows and Linux good software.


Smart apostrophes are lost with RTF imports - fixed

Lots of people will be happy about that!

Thanks for the informative update. I’m really enjoying Scrivener in WIndows and Linux and find myself using it more often and for more things that I hadn’t previously considered. MS Word is rapidly falling by the wayside!

Yes, it has a lot of interesting applications. My kids have been using it for school projects and come up with a lot of ideas to make it even better.

A lawyer emailed me as well stating that he’s using it extensively, he created a series of folders for contracts and some default text for standard contracts and then a whole heap of clauses. He told me that he simply compiles a contract to order by compiling all the relevant clauses and replacement of text tags with client details and produces a PDF and saves that in a client folder. I thought that was pretty unique too.

I wasn’t complaining about the name generator! I was having too much fun naming characters strange things. :wink:

Apologies Garpu - my bad.

I think the idea of letting third-parties develop plug-ins is very exciting. Just look at all the extensions that make Firefox, Thunderbird, etc so versatile and fun to use. You guys have a great vision for Scrivener :smiley:

Hi Lee

I have just downloaded and installed the 1.55 beta on to my W7 x64 machine and am having a strange problem. When I click on a different node in the treeview the mouse left button no longer works ie I can’t pull down menus or select any other nodes.

I fully removed the 1.5 beta before installing this one. I found that the problem only occurs if the scrivener window is fully maximised. By resizing the window to anything other than full screen the left click works as normal.

I am running dual 24" screens.

I have seen this behavior before in only one another application (Xwin32). In that one also the problem only occurred randomly if the app window was maximised. The issue with scrivener seems to be consistant though.



Sounds all good, Lee.

Very glad to hear you took the recovery time.


Good for you for taking time to rest and recover! Definitely the best idea when trying to get over illness and probably helps refocus your thinking. All the upcoming fixes will make Scrivener 20 times better. I’m super excited for the official release.

The only feature I’d really really love to have is the ability to make list items in a tiered structure. As it stands now, hitting enter and then tab simply creates a tabbed space in the line rather than shifting the bullet point over more. I’m sure it would help people make outlines a bit better if it were implemented. And if there’s a setting I’m missing that already lets us do this, then…just kidding, I was only testing you guys! Thanks so much for the hard work.

I will look into this one. Agreed we should do this; however, I’m not sure on the timing of the implementation.


I’m not able to duplicate this at all using my dual screen set-up? Can you produce this reliably following? If so can you enumerate on the exact steps please?


Just realized in the newest version that I can cut and paste between Scrivener and everything else (wine version).

(Don’t mind me, I’m easily amused.)

I note that the lack of carriage returns in compile was not noted or listed as a bug. It does it in .txt and .rtf. It also does it in .pdf - it looks fine in .pdf but if you copy/paste then the problem reoccurs.

Am I missing something? Is there an easy cure for this? I’d appreciate that because at the moment I’m having to copy/paste each page in turn.

Hi Lee,
Will you be extending the beta expiration date? 5.5 says it expires on Jan 30.
Thanks for all your and Ian’s hard work. It is much appreciated.

Re your note above:
“9. Scriptwriting after typing a character name, regardless of whether I hit TAB to enter dialogue, or hit ENTER and select DIALOGUE from the drop down, I get a full line of space between the character name and the dialogue - fixed”

It worked fine at first, but now this problem has popped up again. Any idea how I can fix it? (I’m using 2.4.1 Mac)


You might do better to post in the Mac forum. The thread you’ve posted to dates back to
Jan 2011 and the Windows version then current!


Mr X