.25 Compile issues

I downloaded the newest beta version and now I am having issues when I compile the file.

  1. .doc & PDF compiles: The end of some text sections are being run into the top of the next text section. Please see the Word attachment for the example.

  2. Epub & mobi converting: I am thrilled that we can now convert to these formats. However, not all of the text sections are being included in the conversion. An error pops up on some of the sections within the project that says “Could not save the File (FIle Name)”. It is the same text sections each time. See the attached image “epub error” to see the example. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Sorry here is the epub error image.

This is a known bug. The ebook compiler does not like documents with slashes or question marks in their file name. Should work if you remove these from filenames.

Thank you so much Stacy! I’m going to go try that now! I soo appreciate your reply! :smiley: