+250M DropBox signup special

I just got an email from DropBox (am trying it out as an alternative to iDisk). They say I can get a free 250m upgrade for each person I get to sign up (a limit of 24 people for me), and they also get a bonus for signing up through the link.

So if you’re considering trying it out, you might consider using this link:
dropbox.com/referrals/NTIxM … rc=global9

If you got the same offer, please feel free to post your referral link. To do so, click on the “invite people” link in the email, then paste the db.tt url they provide for twitter into your browser to expand it to something like the above. I recommend this just so we all know it’s a real DrobBox URL, and not some spammer’s attempt to make you visit a malware site.

Thanks, used your link.

Here mine if anyone is interested.

Edit: Removed link.