[26] Win7 Control Panel reports HUGE install size

On the Win7(x64) Control Panel->Programs->Programs and Features -> Uninstall screen the “Scrivener fro Windows Beta” entries report
Size ----- Version
312 GB 1.55
77.1 GB 017
69.6 GB 1.6
54.3 GB 1.4
41.5 GB 1.3
For reference, the next largest program is Microsoft Works at 894 MB.

There are also three “Scrivener” entries which seem normal
75.9 MB 021
71.5 MB 024
74.1 MB 026

The Scrivener folder in Programs(x86) is only 540 MBs

I am attaching a screen capture which also provides date and publisher info for the entries.

This was a bug with the reported size; the actual install is under 100MB, but it was being reported wrong. The newer releases have fixed this bug, so the numbers for the last few versions (which don’t say “beta” on them in your screenshot) are correct. The older versions were approximately the same size as those.

Great. I figured it was cosmetic.