Hi Beta Testers,

I apologies for the mounting posts that have received no response thus far. I needed to take a break over Easter. I returned refreshed today.

Keith has finished his quality control audit on the current Windows beta. This has resulted in a 120 page document that I’m addressing one page at a time. Fortunately, 90 pages are mostly user interface tweaks; however, there’s still 30 pages of bugs and missing 1.54 Mac features. I now know why his footer states: ‘Being “gruff and quirky” since 2007’.

I still have a growing list of bugs to address from this forum as well. Ian’s off getting married. So, it’s just me with a mountain work, email and posts that I’m not getting through as fast as many of you would like. I believe help is on the way forum wise - but I’ll wait until things are official before announcing anything further.

I’m learning a great deal on this journey. Some things are much clearer now. For one thing I’m no longer in a hurry to release despite a myriad of pressures to do so. I’ve become paranoid, especially given what happened with beta 022 and the save issue that has been addressed in 023. It’s imperative, reading much of your excellent feedback, that for Scrivener to be releasable it be near perfect and simply - work. I think we’re a little way off that yet. Scrivener is good, but it needs to be great before it’s going to loose the title of beta. At this stage, I’m not sure when that is going to be. However, I will be looking to release the next beta late May 2011. I think you’ll all be quite surprised when you get your hands on this beta.


Thanks for the update and all of your hard work Lee. Sounds like a good approach.

Mr Lee,
When the going becomes arduous, a really worthwhile and cathartic diversion, is, druid baiting (he, being of the Mac persuasion).
Take care

Happy easter (or chocolate bunny day, if that’s more your style) and congrats to Ian!

Woot about the 023/022 save bug. It was the unclean installs?

Take care. Looking forward to the next beta. Look after yourself and those you care about.

Great work Lee - thanks for the update!

Hi Lee,
Glad to hear you made the wise decision to take some time off and get some much needed recouping in. I’m also very pleased to see that you have decided to keep pushing back the release until the product is right. While the tight release schedules (and expirations) have made for some exciting and dramatic last minute moments :wink:, it also created a lot of unneeded pressure on everyone–you most of all!

As far as schedules, if finances are an issue leading to time constraints, I would suggest considering a pre-order program where users can purchase the released program in advance. This is a very common practice, and I think we’ve seen enough already to know that we would be more than willing to pay in advance for what we already know will be an invaluable tool.

I second this.

I bought the Minecraft Alpha and I’d buy a Scrivener Beta.
And I highly recommend you sit down with a calendar, work out your schedule and then let a friend look at it and insert break days where they think you’ve shorted yourself. It’s a big project and it’s easy to get lost in it.

Thanks, Lee, for all your hard work. Scrivener for Windows is going to be a terrific product, and I’m more than willing to wait until you and Keith know it’s ready to release. In the meantime, I’d certainly make a prerelease purchase if that sort of offering looks like a good idea to you and the rest of the team.

You’ve done a great job. Not worth burning yourself out or getting sick or something. I second the poster who advised you to plan the occasional day off. Some of us have been waiting for a few years for ScrivWin. We can wait a few more months.

Great job Lee, and I too totally support you taking the pressure off and getting it right at a more considered pace. Here’s a suggestion. Take the end-dates off the betas. That means you don’t have to panic if you discover something wicked and convoluted that pushes out your dates, and we can also breath easier without the cliff-hanger releases.

They won’t and shouldn’t take the end dates off the betas because there are an unfortunate many who would just use the beta forever and never pay for the program, but there’s no reason the dates can’t be stretched out so that we never have to worry about running into the limit before the next date either. I would think 30-60 days for instance would be more enough to keep everyone happy, and the pressure off the next release.

Just take it easy!

No point in rushing, absolutely none at all, none, nada, none…


(Ian’s off getting married - who does he think he is - a prince :unamused: :laughing: )

Ok, had to get it in the right thread. As if we don’t all make mistakes.

Just want to add my support to all you’ve said in your latest message, Lee.

The thing to remember, I feel, is that while it will take its proper time to perfect as a packaged product, Scrivener Windows is already just a terrific writing tool, in use by many. You and Keith should take a great satisfaction in that.

Beta is beta, and this has been a turning moment, I think very much for the better. I believe all sorts of ‘floaters’ and ghost problems are going to go away with the tightened up installer-deinstaller system.

I believe we have to address the DropBox usage, as just mentioned, and I’ll soon have a post on what I’ve been able to see for that. This will clean up another good set of evident problems, including some further ones about saving.

What you and Keith are working on now which builds a perception level for polish seems entirely healthy.

Lee, you yourself show as someone I’d like to have had as a leader and in a team, at any point in a long history. This is the kind of experience through which anyone really learns.

All the best.


And help has, indeed, arrived! See the post here: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/welcome-aboard-jennifer/12594/1

I sort of feel the need to swoop in with a cape and say something like, “Never fear, good Windows Scrivener denizens! Help has arrived!”

And then dash off, dashingly. 8)

I am on board for a pre-release payment!!

This team’s integrity and quest for excellence is so obvious that the least those of us already benefiting from this presently great product can do is to participate in the simplest and most accessible way possible!!

From strength to strength!!

From the responses to your post, 99.99% of us beta tester are on your side. Relax, take a break. Most of us are having fun putting the software through it’s paces. We know that there’s bound to be bugs that are difficult to race, or everybody would be a software developer/programmer. It’s a challenging job and even with the problems, its a brilliant piece of software. Feel proud of what you’ve done.


You are doing a great job. Keep it up. But as some others have said, although we’d all love the rock-solid Mac version to be here RIGHT NOW, we can wait, and are happy to help you bug test the Windows version to get it squeaky clean. Please take your time, preserve your sanity.

Also, as someone else said, set up a pre-purchase option if money (and therefor dev time) is tight. I’m sure you’d get a good response, myself included. It’s a great piece of software, so thank you.

I would be happy to prepay for this and keep testing the beta.