29 epub cover issues

I posted this on technical support and then realized it might be a bug so I’m posting it here.

epub cover image

Postby perryw on Sun Aug 14, 2011 10:49 am
Hi, I’ve searched through the forums and can’t find an answer to this.

I’m compiling to epub and the only thing I can’t work out is how to add the cover image. I think I’m missing a step early on in the process because the drop down list for cover only reveals ‘no cover image’ and I can’t seem to upload an image anywhere.

I got a response (thanks) to upload an image which I did and it compiled nicely. The thing is no cover image appeared in the reader.

Windows 7 64 bit.
not sure what else you might need.

I can help with this one, I believe. Right click on Research in your binder. You will see an option to Add and existing file. Select your image to add it. Next, when compiling, select the ePub format, and you will see an option for the cover. The newly added image will appear in the image drop-down for selection.

I hope that helps.

Thanks, but I do all this, in fact everything looks great until I open the epub in adobe digital editions. the text is there but no cover.

I saw your report on this in another thread and I’ve got it marked down for Lee, and to investigate further myself; I don’t have any word back for you yet on it but I wanted you to know you’re not being ignored. :wink:

MM, did you see my thread about the MOBI compile problems?
I’d pay big bucks to get those resolved. :laughing:

Thanks, that’s nice to know. I appreciate it.

One other data point for this: I created an epub file, and then opened it with the Amazon Kindle Preview application, which then compiles it into a mobi file. The resulting mobi file has a cover– the one I compiled into the epub file.

So the cover is getting into the epub archive, just perhaps not into its index.



I didn’t know we could do that, Nathan. I’ll give it a try.

Did that correct some of the issues we’re seeing with the mobi export?

You’ll be able to confirm this, but, alas no.