29 Will Not Open

I downloaded the new Beta, and it opened and worked fine. I closed out, and when I went back to open it later today, I got an error message that said, “This Scrivener Beta expired August 15th, 2011. Please download an updated version from the Scrivener For Windows Website.”

So I did that and it worked fine again. I didn’t close out, instead I minimized the window. When I clicked on it again to write some more, I got the same error message! What am I doing wrong?

I’m on Windows 7.

The 029 beta’s message should give the expiry date as Sept 30th, not Aug 15th. Is there any chance you just reinstalled 026 again or used an old shortcut that was still pointing to 026?

I’ve used the link that Lee gave in the 029 Beta post, as well as the link that pops up when it says that the Beta has expired. Both quit working when I exit out or minimize the screen. I’ve uninstalled and am going to attempt to reinstall again to see if that helps.

I should also add that when it installs and initially opens the expiry date it gives IS September 30th like it’s supposed to be. It’s only when it’s minimized or closed out and then I reopen that it gives me the August 15th error message. It’s very strange.

Hmm, you shouldn’t be getting badgered by this when merely minimising either, that could be a clue. Closing all project windows, sure, but not minimising.

I completely uninstalled and then reinstalled, and that fixed it!

Glad you’ve got it working again; sorry that it wasn’t working right to start with! Definitely an odd one.