[29th Oct Update] Word Count Progress Bar[FIXED]


Windows XP SP 3

Somehow, without a target, the word count progress bar will look like it’s loading something… And yet with a target it will work properly.

Jinx. Me too on this one. Putting in any non-zero number stops it.

Same here. It’s very disconcerting.

Well for me I use it as an indicator of whether the program is slowing down tremendously or not. It still lags… as much as I want to use Scrivener I’ve been moving between yWriter and Scrivener to get my planning done… Writing should hopefully be done in OO.org or Q10 as I’m used to using both for writing rather than planning.

Confirmed this bug.

Beta 1.2 (Oct 29)

Testing on XP Home notebook. Will confirm under Win7 64-b tonight.

Under the Project targets I can get it to stop by putting any non-zero number, however the bar on any individual card/text file is still going and going.

Edit: When setting a non-zero value on the individual files for the target it stops there too. The progress bar just isn’t handling zero as a target goal.

Update - this issue may be specific to WinXP.

Testing under Win7-64b, I do not see an issue with the target being zero with the progress bar.

Just to help (or complicate matters), the following seem true on 32-bit Windows 7:

  • zero is accepted for word count goals etc… If you use zero, no effects are noted, and everything is fine.
  • if you use non-zero for work count, you get two serious problems:
    === Scrivener slows way down, lagging on each character typed.
    === A green progress bar shows for the word count, but it is animated – constantly extending and resetting.

I believe that on Windows 7, the lag is actually caused by that active progress bar. Hoping it is a clue overall.


A somewhat temporary workaround that I use is to put a word count of 1. This stops the endless progress bar, it shows 100%, and doesn’t seem to affect typing lags at all.

Of course, it makes the whole word count thingy useless but oh well, I should just be writing the scenes anyway and not worrying about the length at this stage. :laughing:

haha yea that is my theory as well. I am doing setup, so have no scene targets yet anyways till I start writing them, and notes in the research folder, not concerned with word counts.

I find it strange though that Win7 64-b wouldn’t have this issue but there would be a report of the same issue that we have been seeing under WinXP. So not sure what is causing it.

I’m on Windows 7 and while I haven’t noticed any strange behaviour of the wordcount bar, I have noticed the animation of it and find it very distracting.

When no target is set the bar stays greyed out and almost invisible (as it should be).

When I set a target the bar updates perfectly fine and I notice no lag whatsoever while typing, but the constantly changing color is very distracting. Only when I reach 100% does the animation stop and it just stays green.

So while it doesn’t seem to behave buggy in my Windows version, it nevertheless isn’t a useable feature for me while that flickering, undulating, color-changing animation is going on. I’d very much prefer it staying in one static color all the time.

But then again, this isn’t a very important feature for me personally anyway, so I just leave it switched off completely for the time being.

Using Windows 7 Starter, on a Dell Mini-Inspiron 10. The word count bar causes me to lag both when 0 and 1 are the word goals. It’s very annoying. :frowning:

I’m using Windows 7 64-bit.

The lag with the bar seems to be related to the “save after period of inactivity” setting. I upped that setting to 30 seconds in an attempt to not have to deal with the problem as frequently.

When I did, instead of a relatively quick lag I got… well, it appeared to be a 30 second lag.

So that setting seems to be the length of the lag created. It appears to me that instead of waiting that long before it saves, it may be saving and waiting that long before continuing.

No, I was wrong.

I changed the setting from 30 seconds to 1 second and the super-long lag didn’t change.

I appear to be extending the lag by trying to type through it.

I can confirm this refreshing of the progress bar is very annoying for users of XP. Windows 7 users will not notice it all but a gentle pulse and certainly not annoying like on XP - I will see what we can do for XP users here.

Hi Lee - glad you’ve got this logged.

I hope I’m not misunderstanding, but you seem to be saying that moving, pulsing progress indicator may be expected - on Windows 7 at least.

Actually, would be pretty sure few if any would prefer a visual that’s active of this kind. It would be distracting while you are trying to write.

In the mean time, we can set 0 as goal, and that seems to work to avoid it, as you know.

The other problem, at least on a Windows 7 machine which is very stable and has a lot of capacity, typing into Scrivener lags very severely when the pulsing is going on with the progress indicator.

Anyway, hoping to help clarify the bugs viewed, on Windows 7. Otherwise, I am really enjoying your work, and what Scrivener is. Thank you.


p.s. the website issues you know all about, and we are patient while Dreamhost gets this straightened out for you, of course.

Adding one more piece of information–I started out a new project with Scrivener. No problems with the word count meter. Then I hit 5K, and that’s when the progress meter started to misbehave.

I’m having the same issue with Beta 1.2 on Windows 7, except it’s a pulsing green line that looks a bit like a Cylon eye. I never had that problem until I updated.