always adds a page break after front matter when compiling to .docx/.doc/.rtf/.odt

In, given a document with front matter and regular text:

  1. Create a compile format
  2. Add a section format called “No Break”
  3. In the Separators options, for the “No Break” section layout, uncheck “Use default separators” and set both “Separator before sections” and “Separator between sections” to “Empty Line”
  4. In the Compile window, select the new compile format.
  5. Check “Add front matter” and select the document’s front matter.
  6. Apply the “No Break” section format to the front matter.
  7. Change “Compile for” to PDF.
  8. Select “Save” in the Compile window.

The resulting PDF file has the front matter followed immediately by the rest of the document.

However, if you change “Compile for” to “Microsoft Word (.docx)” or related format, the resulting file has a page break after the front matter. There’s no way to keep Scrivener from adding that page break.

Besides making the PDF and .docx file different, this bug prevents Scrivener from producing Word documents suitable for submitting to short story markets.