3.0 doesn't autocorrect "michael" to "Michael" as I type. Searched everywhere for fix. I have fallen & failed. Hel-lep!

Absolutely right. Why this just morning a tourist asked if I’d lived in Maine all my life, and I said “Not yet.”

Actually, I have family members who are ex-crack addicts. Once of them is only ex- because he comitted suicide; the others are struggling through very real and personal issues and will be the rest of their lives. I am, as are my children, members of the autism spectrum (my using the term “NT” should have been your clue). I have been called “RainMan” in jest and in seriousness.

So I’m on the inside of your “jokes” and guess what? They still suck. They’re not funny. They hurt. Thanks for playing.

I came here to talk about Scrivener without making random people feel like crap. I don’t always succeed, but I do always listen when people tell me I can do better.

This got a legit LOL from me. Well-played.

For 3.0.3, as just released, thank you!