3.0: please easy dark interface and fixed font everywhere

current 2.8.1 has so many colors to set… that it’s quite impossible to have a full and nice “dark mode”…
can’t we have a simple checkbox or a theme preset?

and the other big feature that we “markdown lovers” don’t like is the possibility to change font and its size in every sub page.
it’s ok all the formatting stuff of RTF… but couldn’t we have a predefined font & size in the prefs… and that is applied everywhere?

thank you and really looking forward to 3.0 and it’s timelined corkboards! :slight_smile:


Scrivener is crying out for simplification.

There is a predefined font in Preferences. If you don’t change it while writing, it stays the same in every new document.

Set the colours the way you want, go to Window > Layout> Manage Layouts and save your layout with its colours. If you have more than one, set a shortcut to each in the Keyboard Preferences.

You do. Just because you can change the “font and its size in every sub page”, doesn’t mean you have to. Just set your preferred font in Preferences > Formatting, and away you go … all new documents will be in that font and size, and you can use Documents > Convert > Convert Formatting to Default Text Style to convert all existing documents to the same. However, there are many, probably the vast majority of users, who use RTF rather than MMD—I am one who makes extensive use of font sizes for headings and colours for different text paragraphs so I can convert everything to appropriate styles using a macro in Nisus Writer Pro.

I think KB is aware of ways Scrivener could be simplified, but “simplified” for the user is not necessarily “simple” for the developer. I too look forward to the launch of version 3, not for the corkboard however, but for the inclusion of styles rather than presets.


oh yes i know presets… but could you really make a nice dark theme? i tried several times and could not! (there is always something that can’t be styled! i didn’t even find someone sharing a good dark preset… so maybe it’s not yet possibile

yes i usually have a starting font set… but maybe it’s not the one i want later on.
anyway now i found a way to globally change all scrivenengs fonts (showing the composition and selecting all text → change font)

than kyou!

If I remember correctly some of the problems with changing every colour was a limitation of the Apple APIs that Scrivener uses, and there was not a easy way to make a switchable “dark” theme. Even then the problem is if the toolbar/inspector/binder are all bright then that ruins the benefits of “dark” interface; but then Composition mode would be better for this anyway…

Personally I love “dark mode” apps, and recently both my preferred browser Opera and my Finder replacement Forklift 3 both went native “dark”!

Not only that, Mark. A scan of these forums very quickly confirms that one user’s simplification would often be another user’s missing feature! :slight_smile: