3.1.3: minor but annoying bug

there is a problem with creating a new folder and the name showing twice in the main editor title bar.

to duplicate:
create a new project using the blank template
Under the Draft folder create a folder (I clicked on the folder button at the bottom)
name the new folder and hit enter
On my new project the middle window was in cork board view but I switched to scrivenings view and the title shows in the main editor twice. If I try to correct it I can’t, it is always showing twice.

workaround: if I convert the folder to a file it corrects the title and if I convert it back to a folder it stays correct but do I want to do that every time I create a folder?
actually that workaround doesn’t work since every time I create a new folder it resets the bug for every other folder even if I had convert-fixed them.

I would like to add that if you open an existing project with say many many folders and you add one new folder the bug immediately affects every existing folder and they all now have duplicate names.

I tried uninstalling 3.1.3 and reinstalling 3.1.2 but still had bug until I used an uninstaller program (clean my Mac) and then reinstalled 3.1.2 and finally no issue. Just added that because I thought it was interesting that replacing the executable did not remove the issue.

I can replicate this. Very odd.

When a container is loaded in Scrivenings view, the name of the container is displayed in grey in the editor header, followed by a colon and then the name of the focused document in the session. It sounds like this may be what you’re seeing–the newly created folder is showing both the title in grey, as the loaded container, and the title in black after it as the item in the session currently focused.
You can change the preferences so that the selected folder’s text isn’t included in the Scrivenings session; with that option, selecting a folder without subdocuments will display “Not Enough Text Items” in the editor when in Scrivenings mode, and the editor header would simply show the folder’s title followed by “(No Text)”. (The setting for this is under Scrivener > Preferences > Behaviors: Folders & Files; deselect “Include enclosing folder text in scrivenings mode”.)