Vertical Mis-Alignment in Binder

Version: (1904123) 64-bit - 18 Jan 2023

When I add titles in the Synopsis pane, these titles appear in the Binder, but they are frequently offset vertically, making the Binder’s line spacing inconsistent and harder to read.

Scrivener Binder Alignment

What is that doted line below them and that seems to be causing it?
Is it your doing?

Sorry – I guess I went overboard illustrating where the text baseline should be. The arrows and dotted lines are just annotations added to the screen capture. They don’t appear in Scrivener. Here’s the raw image:


See if by any chance you have a rogue carriage return after those titles, in the synopsis panel header.
It’ll look like it is just a space, you won’t be able to tell it is a CR, but delete it.

My guess is that you’ve copied those titles from the editor, grabbing it at the same time.


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You’re exactly right.
Some were copied, but others were typed in and I probably reflexively hit CR after entering the text.
Thanks! Quick fix. :grin:
I changed the msg tag from bug to support.