[3.1.4] Selected text highlighting. Display bug at 3000x2000 resolution

I’m only seeing this in v3.1.4 on a notebook with a 3000x2000 resolution. Scaling is 200%.

2023-01-22 16_10_05-C__Dropbox_Scrivener.scriv - Scrivener

It’s merely a display issue, i.e., it’s not persistent, but it is distracting.

FYI, this issue is still present in v3.1.4.1

sure it is not your machine’s video drivers?

Drivers are the latest. This issue is new to v3.1.4

That said, it did not appear in v3.1.5 beta, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
(I only posted the update about v3.1.4.1 as a fyi for the devs)

I just removed the locked OEM graphics drivers and replaced them with the latest from Intel, and the issue persists.

I’d like to once again emphasize that the issue does not occur when I test a pre-version 3.1.4.x Scrivener.

In case someone else had the same problem with v3.1.4:

I’m happy to report that the issue appears to be resolved in the new version 3.1.5.


Thanks for the updates. It’s good to hear this particular issue should be a thing of the past now.