Compile Bug? Character style goes wrong/missing

Why does the "do nothing " style do something it shouldn’t, and why does italic just romanise itself?

Are these (version specific?) bugs? Workarounds/fixes?

This is the text in the project document

Confirming the Inner Dialogue style is one of the handy “do nothing” styles one can use for identifications such as inner dialogue.


How it appears in the PDF - different font size - and I’ve just noticed (!) different font.

I note for the record that italic on its own just disappears! (for nut read but)

PDF output

Part of me thinks the Inner Dialogue font is correct (the font size is still wrong though… isn’t it?) because I used the Manuscript (Times) compile format; why then is the primary text still in ?Calibri? What have I failed so set up/specify correctly?

OH… it might be (partly) because of this issue and the (?incorrect?) layout is “As-is”, but I still don’t understand the details.

CORRECTION! Confirmed even using my Manuscript (Times) Copy in which I reassigned the layouts… but now I’m muddled by the use of “Override text and notes formatting” that IS set on some Section Layouts but that doesn’t explain the font and size change on the Inner Dialogue style. *

PS An apology for the extended, seemingly confused way in which this is all being presented – I’m simply continuing to work on the issues after I have raised them - sometimes this helps, sometimes it doesn’t.

If I knew how to do it better, I would; I’d rather be “writing” than diagnosing, but will do whatever I have to get the MS out the door :slight_smile:

PPS * Or does it? If “Override text and notes formatting” is enabled, the writing font Calibri takes precedence in the Simple Indent paragraph and character style… but! The Inner Dialogue style is being marked as no formatting, size etc. so I suspect a bug that sees that text as not having any formatting to override so uses the layout font because it’s not attending to the total styling of Simple Indent + Inner Dialogue but only the latter (i.e. code error attending to ~this_style instead of ~this_NET_style?)