3.1.5 broke titlebar colour adaptation

I dislike Scrivener’s dark mode and stick to the default, but 3.1.3 made the titlebar inherit the black from my Windows’ dark mode and I found that a pretty sleek visual touch. I just updated to 3.1.5 and it’s back to the old look. I thought it’s just a change in the default behavior, but I couldn’t find a setting for this, so a bug, I guess?

Hardly the end of the world, I know, but still, it is a regression in the latest version and you might like to look into it.

Thanks for the note! I’ve created a ticket for this. I don’t know if it will get fixed in the next update, but if it is a simple fix it might.

Wasn’t saying it should be a priority. I get it, you’re a small team. If that’s the cost of you moving to qt6, so be it. Just wanted to point out that 3.1.3’s cosmetic update was nice, and appreciated.

Unfortunately, this change is coming from the Qt library and we cannot bring back the old behavior. Qt have decided that if your application is in light mode, your titlebar should be also in light mode, no matter of the OS dark/light mode state. If you application is in dark mode, your application titlebar will be also in dark mode.
Sorry about that, StunDamage.
Qt changes behavior in the next major version v6.5, so we will review this one more time once we jump to the next stable version.