3.1 hanging and 'failing to respond' at random intervals

Since updating to version (1450305) 64-bit (21 Oct 2021) on Windows 10, Scrivener has been hanging randomly. I realise that I am offering little detail but four or five times in the day or two of using it I will switch to it from another app and it greys out and is marked as “not responding” by Windows. Generally forcing Windows to shut it down and restart brings it back although the first time (immediately after the update) I had to restart the computer to get it going.

This free utility may give you more information about the cause of the hanging: https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/what_is_hang.html

Thanks, I’ve downloaded that and will try it next time it happens

I am still getting these occasional hangs in Scrivener, they became less frequent for a while but are now happening a lot. I have captured a report from whatishang which I’m attaching here.

Processing: Scrivener.txt…
Scrivener.zip (9.9 KB)

That looks like a deep-in-the-weeds location for a hang, and a hang in NtUserMessageCall is often caused by a circular dependency: window A locks a resource then sends a message to window B, waiting for B to answer; window B tries to lock the same resource so it can answer, but the resource is already locked, so it waits for it to be unlocked. This is a deadlock – each window is waiting for the other.

So let’s start with something simple: what antivirus software are you using, and is Scrivener.exe whitelisted there?

I use the built in Microsoft Defender, I don’t see anywhere to whitelist apps

Read this about excluding folders and files for Windows Defender. Add the C:\Program Files\Scrivener3 folder.

Thanks, that was well hidden! I have added the exclusion but, unfortunately, it has hung three times since then

Are you running any keyboard utilities like AutoHotKey or similar programs, and have you contacted support about your problem?

I have used SharpKeys to map a key to duplicate escape, but nothing like AutoHotKey. I haven’t raised this with support yet since I though I’d try the forum first.

Does the problem go away when you uninstall SharpKeys and restart your machine (I don’t know if Windows caches the registry values modified by SharpKeys, but restarting will make sure you get a clean registry hive reload)? If so, you can try the Keyboard Manager inside Power Toys as a replacement.