3.2.1 Bug

After updating to 3.2 (Edit: Still an issue in 3.2.1) Scrivener no longer works in Mac’s “Tile Window to Left/Right of Screen.” You can still select either menu item, but nothing else will work with it. I tried it with multiple programs, including Safari, Chrome, and Excel.

I’ve always used the fullscreen tile feature to keep my outlining program on the screen next to Scrivener. Now I have to place them side-by-side by exiting fullscreen and manually resizing the windows to fit next to one another. It’s a clunky workaround.

A workaround that works here:

  1. Close the Scrivener inspector

  2. Resize the Scrivener window down to less than fifty per cent of the screen

  3. Tile the different windows / programs side by side as normal

  4. Can then reopen the inspector, if needed

Weird, but this seems to work fine.

Thanks for the reply, Login. That’s the clunky workaround I mentioned in my OP. Before 3.2, Scrivener tiled with all my apps via a pair of clicks or by dragging one fullscreen window over another. Now I have to take Scrivener out of fullscreen and do it manually. On a side note, this whole thing has me considering an ultrawide monitor as a holiday gift for myself. :smiley:

Actually, I was saying that the normal “Tile Window to Left/Right of Screen” work for me in point 3 (above). Not the workaround of resizing manually.

Treat yourself. Buy that gift!! You deserve it.