3.2 for Big Sur & need license

I installed Scrivener through the App store. I now have Big Sur. I downloaded & loaded 3.2 to work with Big Sur, but it doesn’t see my license. The only information I see on getting a license says if you purchased through the Mac store you have to get it there. So … Catch 22? Is there a way around this?

Yes, if you purchased through the app store you should download 3.22 from there. However, contact L&L support with a copy of your app store receipt. They may be able to assist.

If you purchase through the App Store, you won’t have, or need, a license key. The App Store software handles all of that for you. Login to the App Store with your Apple ID and install the update from the Purchases tab.

If you have any difficulty, please let us know, but it should be pretty straightforward.