3.2 issues

The change in colour of the banner/header when using lock in place is barely discernible in the dark theme I’m using. It was fine before. Seems odd that it’s been changed. Is there a way to change its colour in preferences, because I can’t find it there?

The fonts used to display the preferences’ lists for General, Behaviours, and Appearance are all different now. The latter has massive spacing so that it has to be scrolled.

It appears that the template issues when using full screen, and the numerous regex search bugs haven’t been fixed, which is disappointing, but I’ve long adjusted to the workarounds, so no big deal.

Anyway, I’ve reverted to 3.1.5.

Aside: I tried to reinstall 3.1.5 from the site download, but after extracting the zip file, I get the message:

“Scrivener” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Bin.

so I restored from Timemachine instead.

It was changed to track the system accent colour. The main choice this can be problematic with is the grey option, in System Preferences: General—but I’d personally say not so much with Dark Mode as the effect is to make it considerably lighter.

Yeah, I noticed that the other day as well. What system of OS are you on by the way? I spotted it on 10.14, where I tend to work; haven’t had a chance to check macOS 11.

I’m not aware of any open regex bug issues, though I know of a few known issues with the engine itself (not really something we can fix).

What’s the template issue? If I create a new document template in a project set to Full Screen mode, it all seems to be working as expected.

Well, I use a dark theme and I’m currently using the default blue “system accent colour”. I’ve attached the before and after images. I hope and pray you can see the problem.
[attachment=0]Screenshot 2020-11-20 at 21.08.41.png[/attachment][attachment=1]Screenshot 2020-11-20 at 21.08.21.png[/attachment]

I’ve just downloaded 3.2.1 and this has been fixed. Excellent.

I raised the template issue in June, but got no response:

If I have time, I’ll raise a bug report on the regex/search issues. I seem to remember reporting them before and getting response, hence my workarounds.

I’ve just tried adjusting the system accent colour, and it made difference at all to the lock in place colour. It remains a barely changed shade of grey whichever colour I select.

Just updated to 3.2.1, and while my “system accent” colour remains at blue (I presume this means the Appearance colour for buttons etc set in Prefs/General) I’m getting a barely discernible change in the grey colour when I Lock In Place. I use this a lot, and the old buff-ish colour was easy to spot. With the new two-shades-of-grey it’s very hard to tell. My preference would be to revert to the old way. Possible?

Okay, so more on this.

Here, the left editor is selected, and neither are locked:
[attachment=1]1. left editor selected.png[/attachment]
Here, the right editor is selected, and neither are locked:
[attachment=0]2. right editor selected.png[/attachment]
It’s clear which editor is selected.
However, when I lock the left editor:
… argh! You can only add three attachments, I will put the other two in the next post.

Here, the left editor is locked and selected:
[attachment=1]3. left editor locked and selected.png[/attachment]
And here, the left editor is locked and the right editor selected:
[attachment=0]4. left editor locked, right editor selected.png[/attachment]
I’m sure you can see the problem.