3.3.3 crashing on Sonoma 14.0

Unfortunately Scrivener still crashes when writing (quite consistently after writing a few words). I’ve attached a log.

This is with:

  • Text zoom at 100%
  • Script Mode enabled
  • Page view disabled

Scrivener Log.txt.zip (11.5 KB)

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, this is the latest test build, which for us internally has the best avoidance for crashing. All of the previous test builds you may encounter links to are quite easy to crash.

There is still one outstanding crash I’ve reproduced with that build (to be clear, the first one, not the “OldCaret” build), but otherwise I’ve not been able to crash it with normal text editing, even with a zoomed page view.

Sorry this is all a mess, but there are three slightly different reports, and we don’t know how connected they are, otherwise we’d consolidate the threads.

To be clear, although for the time being I have reverted to MacOS Ventura, when I was running Sonoma + 3.3.3, I was using 150% zoom but definitely not using Page View. I didn’t see any other strange behavior, just a reoccurring crash when I was editing / typing new text into a document. No problems (with that same binder) since I’ve reverted.

Just upgraded to Sonoma last night. Working on a Macbook Pro 2018 15". Started off ok for first ten minutes, then persistent crashes.

I have similar problems. 3.3.3 crashes on Sonoma 14.0 (23A344) if I type anything. When I reopen the document, Scrivener rebuilds the indexes. If I can type anything before the crash, there is a 50/50 chance it will be saved. I sent the crash file to L&L.

Hi i’m having the same issue. I tried to copy my project to new project which seem to help temporarily. The issue has now returned and constantly crashing which is very frustrating whilst your in the middle of writing. Is there any updates or a is there a bug fix being released ?

If you look on the forum, there are other threads where KB has posted beta versions try to pinpoint the causes of problems. Check them


I have the same issue. 3.3.3 crashes on Sonoma 14.0 if I type anything, usually 2nd or 3rd letter if I’m lucky. When I reopen, Scrivener rebuilds the indexes. The same issue happens again. I resaved project with new title and still happening. Any solutions out there?

Are you using “Script Mode”?

Turning off “Correct spelling errors as you type” in Scrivener > Settings > Corrections stopped Scrivener from crashing for me. Another option would be to disable “Suggest completions as you type” as a workaround.

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Please consolidate all conversation over in this thread, which ended up getting more traffic and testing discussion. And please make sure to scan the thread for updates from staff (with the shield icon beside the profile name). There are test builds available, such as the one I linked to here, and in the post directly above.

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