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There really ought to be a category in here for testimonials. I adore Scrivener (for Windows). My poet/novelist roommate told me about it, so I thought I’d try it for my (solely academic) writing.

There are a few things I wish it did – like even some crude form of highlighting for PDFs – and a few things I find a little clunky. But generally, it’s changed my life.

I’ve integrated it pretty well with Zotero, too, which was an absolute necessity. If workflow were my only challenge, I’d be done.

So, just that hat-tip, and many thanks to the developers and maintainers. Oh, and I’ve gotten prompt and totally useful answers to my tech-support questions on these forums, too.


I’ve been trying to figure out how to make Scrivener work with Zotero, for compiling to Word. The guides I’ve found online haven’t been that helpful.

It would great if you could share your method! :slight_smile:

Thanks! Glad to hear it’s helping out. :slight_smile:

We do have a feedback forum, by the way, I’ve moved the thread for you.

Thanks, AmberV, and hi, tankparksalute!

The biggest feature missing in Scrivener is that it won’t write my papers for me (maybe if I bought a Mac?) so I’d be happy to fill you in a little more once the infernal typing is actually done.

However, have a look here: http://zotero-odf-scan.github.io/zotero-odf-scan/ for a start.

I realize this looks insanely complicated, but it’s actually pretty straightforward.

And, it requires using LibreOffice as an intermediary. This, too, turns out to be quite easy.

So that would be an intermediary step on the way to Word.

Although I saw this as an annoyance, I’ve found myself simply skipping Word in the workflow. I do all the writing and editing in Scrivener, and LibreOffice (to which I’m a total noob) is really easy to use.

But I don’t think it’s a big deal – you just save the LibreOffice document in docx format and you’re done. (Although I confess I do not know if this means locking down the Zotero fields.)

The really nice part of this is that citations are drag-and-drop from Zotero into Scrivener. Very slick!

Anyway, maybe I’ll put this together more cogently when unburied, but hopefully you’ll get the idea!

Well okay I thought I’d come back here after using this whole scheme for the first time for a whole paper. It worked great, and I can’t think of anything really to add to the information in the link I gave earlier. It sounds complicated but is really pretty easy, and fast.

This was my first whole project, start to finish, with Scrivener, and it’s hard to imagine going back to the old way. There are a few little annoyances, and lots to learn still, but I’m extremely satisfied with the whole procedure. “Workflow” – I can now talk to people about my workflow. Nice!