3 bugs in 49

  1. When I open Project Statistics, first the little box with the progress meter flashes for a few seconds with the meter filling up and emptying quickly.
    When it does open, the numbers for pages are way off. So I go in the Options and discover “Count All Documents” is selected. So I select “Count Only Documents Marked For Inclusion”. When I click OK and then click on Project Statistics again, the “Count All Documents” is selected.
    I’ve tried this multiple times, and every time it does not save my settings. When I select the “Count Only Documents Marked For Inclusion” the numbers don’t change. Clicking Okay does nothing, like I describe above.

  2. When I click on Project Targets, it gets the loading icon, and then Scrivener stops responding (is this a crash?). If I wait for 10-15 seconds, then Scrivener rights itself and the Project Targets opens.

  3. Full Screen
    When I’ve been typing long enough to have the scroll bar, sometimes the scroll bar disappears. I start typing, and the scroll bar disappears. When I mean it disappears, I mean you can see a narrow strip of the regular editor where the scroll bar was (I made the full screen as wide as it would go).
    To get it back, I mouse over where it is and it reappears.
    Here’s a screenshot:

I think in regards to #3 the scroll bar is supposed to fade away when you’ve been working in Fullscreen mode. I think you’re noticing it because background opacity isn’t high and so allows the image of your desktop to show through.

Okay. I didn’t know that. I’m used to browsers, MS Word, and other programs without the “full screen” thing and I’m used to the scroll bar being there all the time.

MM? Is #1 a weird bug?