3 ?--bugs--?

I’m not sure if these have been reported yet, but here are three things I’ve observed using the program. I reported the first 2 to the “Contact” email address when I wasn’t aware of this forum, and since then I’ve noticed one more:

-When I paste a block of text out of an RTF file that has superscript in it (e.g. 30th, where the th is superscript), the text that is subsequent to the superscript is converted to superscript as well. This happens for me when I am pasting a block of text that has been copied from the RTF file that I am viewing in Atlas ti–I have not gone back to check if the behaviour occurs when I copy a block of text in Word.

-When I delete a block of text that occurs after a footnote, such that the existing text comes “back” and abuts the end of the footnote, the footnote formatting “grabs” the next word, and I end up having to delete it, insert spaces, and retype the word in order to restore my desired transition from “footnote text” to plain text.

-When I insert a period and the next word is capitalized, and then I go back to delete that capitalization because I don’t want it, Scrivener should leave my correction as is and accept my rejection of its automatic caps, like Word does. Instead, it keeps capitalizing. (for example, after e.g. or i.e. I would not want the caps).

I also find re-ordering the topics in the left-hand column extremely cumbersome and difficult. Hopefully this can be made easier.

Hopefully these make sense. Thanks for your work on a great program.