3-fold split window?


I don’t know if this is technically possible at all but if it is it would be an idea for a 2.0 release – a three-fold split window, a triptych of text.

I find myself missing that feature when I write about stuff I’ve mentioned in other parts of the manuscript and have to keep looking up those parts in order not to contradict myself.

Well, it’s just an idea …

As a meantime workaround…

If you don’t have to change documents extremely often, why don’t you paste the text you need to reference into the notes section of the inspector, you can resize the inspector to suit your needs and display two additional texts to the one you are editing this way.

I have done something like this when I was translating a pdf file and needed to reference a list of vocabulary.

It suited my needs perfectly…

Hi hatsuyuki,

thanks a lot for the hint, this works quite well. A text-tryptich in vertical split would look awesome, though, wouldn’t it?

It definitely would look great - if you have the screen real estate that is :slight_smile:

By the way, you can (almost) achieve that by collapsing the synopsis and general tab in the inspector and resizing to your taste :slight_smile:

And of course, there’s always the Scratch Pad. :slight_smile:

I like to think of the History function as a kind of “third split.” It’s a nice function as a retroactive tool (where was that document I opened a few minutes ago), but it is also surprisingly powerful as a strategic tool, too. Just click on each document you wish to rapidly switch between in one split, and then use Cmd-[ and ] to scroll between them from that point on. But yes, if you actually need two other documents visible, then the suggestions using Notes and Scratchpad are best.

Just to chime in with the “official” word on this: I can’t see a time when there will ever be a third split. I think, when it comes to text, two panes are the critical mass. After that, things would get pretty ugly. (Three or four panes make sense with 3D apps, of course, but I just don’t see it in a text-based application.) The better solution (for a possible 2.0, off in the future) would be a return to allowing multiple windows - to be able to open a document in a separate editor window. This won’t happen in a 1.x release, though, because of the amount of work involved in keeping everything in-sync, providing toolbars based on the document type, finding a way of showing inspector information for the individual windows and so on.

Thanks, Keith, for the quick reply. I actually like Amber’s approach very much. I haven’t made much use of the history function yet, but it does seem to be excellent for a quick navigation between chapters.

As for opening the same document in a seperate editor window – I’m pretty sure this is something I’d never use. When you start thinking about implementing this and it’s going to be a lot of work, maybe have a user poll to see if this is really wanted or needed.

(Well, as if you wouldn’t get this idea yourself. :unamused: In any case, it’s your novel first and then fancy changes. Sorry for being :open_mouth: it’s a 7000-word day.)