3 Tech Questions for Scrivener 3.1.2 on a Mac

  1. While prepping my project to export, I want to run a final spellcheck on it. So I click the DRAFT link on the left in the binder and now the whole project is combined onto 1 page. --> I then click on the editor section and select “Edit” --> “spelling and Grammar” --> “check document now” ----> what happens is a word will be selected which may need a correction, but no window pops up allowing me to navigate my way through the spellcheck options of correcting, learning or ignoring etc. Please advise.

  2. When compiling, there are only 2-3 presets that don’t apply crazy, unusable margins that mess up my document. One of those is “Script or Screenplay”. However, once I select that, there seems to be no way to add the title of each text, labelled nicely in the binder, to the document. Please advise.

  3. I have been trying so hard to get all all the sections of the entire projects to stay at the same font and size. No matter how many settings I adjust, this doesn’t happen. There’s always one section I discover somewhere that reverts to its own font. Please advise. I would like to propose a feature to select a master font to use at all times for all projects. Thanks!

Have you done the interactive tutorial?

  1. On point one, I think the default shortcut is ⇧⌘:, but the command is Edit ▸ Spelling and Grammar ▸ Show Spelling and Grammar. It is a floating window that you can toggle, and keep alongside while you freely edit. If you prefer that mode of working, you may also want to disable the red underlining (personally I find that distracting), in that same menu.
  2. It’s impossible to say, since everyone may have a different opinion on what a “crazy, unusable margin” means. :slight_smile: I say this as a fan of the old historic canons! But just about everything is customisable. You can make it print ink all the way to the very last fibre of the page, which is probably something most printers can’t do. That’s a rather large topic though, so yeah, I second lunk’s suggestion to start with the tutorial (assigning “layouts” to your binder to do such things as print the titles is one of the first things you’ll learn), and check out the video tutorials on compiling as well. The user manual PDF will document every little thing, so if you have a question about what something does or how to do a very specific thing, that’s a good place to check. Searching the forum is also a good learning resource.
  3. If you mean in the editor, there is a knowledge base article on that topic. Also, as I believe that mentions, familiarise yourself with the Edit ▸ Paste and Match Style shortcut. It’ll save you a lot of time when gathering text from various sources.