3 Wishes: Text Statistics; Find Next; Paste & Match Style;

Hi Scrivener Geniuses!

As you may have heard from my previous posts I am LOVING this software and Word has finally taken its foundering journey to the fathoms of foul unopened applications where it belongs :stuck_out_tongue: .

I have only 3 very very small wishes!

Text Statistics
Is it possible to have the text statistics as a floating window that can be kept open like the project statistics? It is something I like to monitor as I go rather than keep opening periodically.

Find/Find Next
It’s a small thing but is it possible to keep the find window open after an apple–F and use return until you’ve finished finding? Apple-F Apple-G works but it’s more convoluted and too often I forget the change in shortcut, the window closes and my return deletes the found word. I’m sure you have your reasons for doing it that way, but wonder if other uses would also like to see that change?

Paste & Match Style
Most often if I copy into a document I want the text to match the document I’m in and the shift alt apple key combo is not a quick/easy shortcut. Even shift apple V would be better. Is it possible to assign a less double-jointed shortcut to this one?

As I say … really small small wishes.

Thanks so much!


p.s. I’m telling everyone I know to switch to Scrivener!

Hi Gilly,

Thanks for the kind words! In response to your suggestions:

  1. You can already see the word and character count live in the footer bar of the document while you work. The trouble with having text statistics open all the time (and project statistics - I assume you mean project targets, which you can have open) is that it has to calculate some things that take time. Line count, word frequency, characters without spaces and suchlike - these are all quite slow operations compared to word and character count. Having it open and calculating constantly would mean that typing would get slowed down, so this is why it is a one-off sheet.

  2. This has always just been standard behaviour on OS X (in TextEdit and suchlike, although that now uses something different, and I note Pages doesn’t close the window, so that is different). So Scrivener has just conformed with the standard here, really. If others feel strongly about this, too, I’d be happy to review it.

  3. You can change the keyboard shortcuts using the “Keyboard” pane of the System Preferences. Some users choose to swap the keyboard shortcuts for “Paste” and “Paste and Match Style”, for instance.

Thanks and all the best,

Hi Keith,

  1. Totally understand. This is a small request and I wouldn’t want to sacrifice speed to have it there. A quick slide down to the footer bar is no problem - I confess, all these weeks I’ve been using it and I haven’t noticed the count in the footer bar!! I’ll tell you it’s because I’m “laser focussed” on my novel and you can believe me if you want to!

  2. I’ll get used to the key combination in time I’m sure. It’s largely because I’m still stained by Word. I guess if other users find it a problem you’ll get this suggestion again.

  3. Genius!! I’ve never added shortcut keys to a specific application in Mac OS before - worked like a treat! I didn’t even need to restart Scrivener. Thanks for that!

In the words of Meatloaf … 2 outta 3 ain’t bad!

Your customer support a dream as always.



Hi Gilly,

Just to let you know that, regarding (2), I’ve added a hidden preference for version 2.1.1 that will allow you to get the behaviour you want. Open up Terminal.app and type:

defaults write com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2 SCRSuppressFindPanelAutoClose YES

Then hit return. This will set the necessary hidden preference. Once you’ve done that, as of the next beta, and version 2.1.1, the Find panel won’t close when you hit return.

All the best,

Hi Keith,

I can’t believe you’ve written this option in when I suspect I’m the only user that’s asked for it?? I don’t want to say you’re a marvel … swollen, exploding heads and all that … but you really are!!

When will I be able to get my little mitts on the next beta, or 2.1.1?

Very grateful!!

All the best back atcha.

BTW in case you needed any more smoke up your ass for this software: I’ve never worked in such an organised fashion before, everything right where I need it, no more pieces of paper here and notes there, huge unmanageable Word documents or chapters in separate files that I have to keep opening and closing. I’ve finished almost half my book in two months and really couldn’t have done it without Scrivener. It really is a joy to use. :smiley:

Hi Keith and Scriveners,

I installed the update to 2.2, ran the command line option above and now the find window is staying open for consecutive finds. Works perfectly.

Thanks so much!!!

Brilliant. :smiley:


Glad you like it!
All the best,

Just updating this for any future users who find this thread. This preference still works in Scrivener 3, you just have to change the number in the command:

defaults write com.literatureandlatte.scrivener3 SCRSuppressFindPanelAutoClose YES

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