HI All,

I hate to say this, but unfortunately we are still wrestling with a nasty memory bug that’s holding back the release. I know it’s beta and all, but I’m sincerely sorry for the inconvenience. We discovered the bug in final testing before the release on Sunday afternoon and were confident we’d have it licked in a few hours. Well, we’re still going.

The bug has to do with nesting lists - which we have implemented; however, it appears to be having a side effect within the editor causing it to crash sporadically and often. I really can’t release code like this and prefer to fix it. It’s a big call to pull out the code changes we have made to the Qt framework source code as many other fixes are linked to them. So, we just need to push on through.

I know this doesn’t help all you kind folk any. The best remedy right now is sleep and to clear the mind. If we have not fixed this by midday tomorrow, we’ll look at releasing something to keep you all up and running. Turning clocks back on your machine, as our NZ poster suggested, will work in keeping Beta 1.55 running in the interim - although hardly ideal.

Other than this horrible occurrence, the actual code base is looking extremely promising as I mentioned yesterday.

I will post again very soon, and rest assured that this is eating us alive right now and we are doing all we can to produce the best possible software for you all.


Thanks for the update. Hope you have a good sleep and good luck with the bug.

If worse comes to worst, can you just repost the old 1.55 version with an updated expiry?

Aw, that’s too bad… Still, thank you for your hard working, especially in dealing with that bug! Have a good rest, and hope you can finish everything before deadline! :smiley:

Thanks for the heads up. My initial concern is that the files already saved to this excellent piece of software may be lost. But I assume that when the new update is available those files will still be accessible?

But, no worries. Good look with the bug fix. Until coming across Scrivener recently, I’d been using YWriter - another extremely efficient and comprehensive creative writing aid. It’s only downfall (for me) being that it’s too comprehensive. In its bid to cover all bases I find there’s too much ‘facility’. Too many whistles and bells that get in the way of the essential basics which are all a writer needs - at least, this writer.

I’m sure those who’ve taken the time to get to grips with its many features YWriter is great. But as someone who just wants to get on with the writing without the requirement of an in depth training program, I’ve never felt comfortable with it, despite using it for the past two years.

By comparison I’ve been using Scrivener for only a short while but within just a few hours it felt so intuitive. I find it provides the essential facilities a writer needs in a way that feels natural and accessible.

Good luck with the fix. This program is so good I’ll wait patiently for the update no matter how long it takes.

All the text you’ve written in Scriv is still accessible - it’s in numbered RTF files within the whatever.scrivx folder (Folder.scrivx\Files\Docs) which should open fine in Wordpad/Writer/MS Word etc. Take some care, as it’s conceivable that editing them outside of Scrivener might introduce some weirdness which would stop Scrivener being able to read those files in future, so you might want to make copies. Useful for those of us with assignment deadlines today!

ETA: Arg! I forgot that the only non-Scrivener word processor I have that isn’t horribly bloated (Wordpad), doesn’t have a word count feature. Ciao, mi amore efficiency!

Thanks kindly for the update and best of luck with kicking the stuffing out of the bug.

No worries.

And while it’s really 31 Jan here, I just tried rolling back my clock to the 30th. Nothing was lost in the files, and everything was accessible. I did, however, get a stern talking-to from a guy in a blue police box.

It’s not particularly safe to play with wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff, garpu. (Doctor Who references make my day, p.s.) Anywho. I wouldn’t feel too bad about the delay, Lee! You’re doing all you can, and I’m sure most of us understand and appreciate your hard work.

Just got off work. Sorry to hear 1.6 is unavailable due to a sneaky little bug. Hope the fix is found quickly (I hate when a fix is difficult to find, and I have only written little programs for classes) Keep plugging. If you don’t get it soon, might you release a patch to 1.55 that will extend the beta use for it?

I haven’t quite finished the tutorial yet. Thought I should do that, as I have never used the Mac version (unfortunately, Macs are out of my price range) I am anxious to complete the tutorial and actually try writing something with Scrivener. I don’t want to push you, just think of me as the kid who can’t wait to open a gift (I really do like Scrivener that much)

No worries right now though, I need to sleep after working graveyard, as you can probably tell from my wandering post . Thanks for all your hard work, you have brought a wonderful product to Windows :slight_smile:

Thanks, Lunarclipper.

It’s not working . . . OH NO!!

I was going to write all morning - now I shall have to find something else to do. Like housework. :frowning:

Thank-you for providing us with this program and working so hard on it. I have tried out so many, but now I don’t want to use anything else. I think you are all BRILLIANT and appreciate the way you share your wonderful work!

This may prove useful:

RunAsDate is a small utility that allows you to run a program in the date and time that you specify. This utility doesn’t change the current system date and time of your computer, but it only injects the date/time that you specify into the desired application.


It’s no replacement for what Scrivener does but while you’re waiting (and as a backup in emergencies?) you might want to take a look at the WP I use (when not using Scriv’) – Atlantis (word count and other great, quirky features included).

What will be will be - thanks for the update … spring cleaning early this year …


Thank you. I don’t know, but I have been more production during the 1.55 beta than any other. So maybe it’s lucky, and as your 1.6 build simmers in your digital pot, and you perfect it’s taste, my (and our) creative juices will increase in magnitude as well.

THANK YOU!! This product rocks like Freddie Mercury on a hot night in Rio in front of hundreds of thousands of people!

Looking forward to the new beta, but in the meantime I’ll just fire up my trusty ol’ Mac version in an OS X virtual machine. Hope garpu’s suggestion works for everyone else, though.

Speaking of which…

The Doctor prefers that people mess with time only under his personal supervision. Inconvenient, but you can understand his position, I’m sure.

Which, in turn, reminds me: The tachyon leaves the bar.The bartender says, “We don’t serve your kind here.” A tachyon enters a bar.

I can confirm this works as a workaround! sigh of relief

I haven’t used Scrivener for the past few days as I’ve been to busy to write. I finally got some free time and this happens.
Oh well. I guess I’ll have to do something else…like watch Doctor Who. That’s productive, isn’t it? Research or something, right?

I wish you the best of luck with that bug.

This works great, folks.
Thanks, Paulobrabo

It’s okay. This just means that I’ll have to actually finish my/my husbands/my toddlers laundry (1/4 loads done) and focus on getting that dreaded bathroom clean (I hate cleaning toilets…ewwwww!). :wink:

But I’ll try the RunAsDate if I need too.