[3686] Position when going back to a document

When I look through different documents in the editor and come back to the first one- my position is at the start of the document. Not where my last cursor position was. I’m pretty sure this did work differently and better in Scrivener 1. Bringing me back to the old postion. I couldn’t find an option to change that. Is that a bug or is that intented to work so now?

Hi, how are you navigating between documents in the editor? Are you using the forward/back buttons or selecting them from the binder? Or using a menu option?

Thanks for your help with this.

I use mostly the binder. I just tried it with the forward/back buttons and there it’s the same behavior. The cursor is at the correct position like before. Just I am at the top of the document and have to scroll to where I was before and find the cursor.

I just played around with it and came to the conclusion, that this only happens, when I use “Page View”.

Thanks! This has been filed.