4 ideas for scapple

  1. concerning exporting to rtf or opml lists:
    when scapple exports to rtf it does not always get the right flow.
    I’d like to create the path of export- click and give a number to each ‘box’ or section in my scapple mind map so that when the time to export comes i get number 1 at the ver top number 1.1 top indented then nuber 2 and 2.1 2.2
    I am sure you get the gist.

  2. sometimes instead of a frame around a number of text boxes I need a bracket like ] or } to show these boxes are together.

  3. flexible arrows or arrows with 90degree angle?

  4. ability to create a note - best would be the ability to highligth a word or a number of words and to be able to attach a note to it or link it to another scapple but if that is too compicated then a note attached to a text box.