5 free copies of my new e-book formatting guide

Hi, everyone.

Yesterday Literature and Latte was kind enough to Facebook / tweet the release of my new Scrivener-based e-book formatting guide: How to Format Your Novel for Kindle, Nook, the iBookstore, Smashwords, and CreateSpace…in One Afternoon (for Mac).

So today I’d like to offer free copies to the first five L&L forum members who PM me their email addresses.

Keith summed up what the book’s about in his editorial review:

“With the advent of e-books and indie publishing solutions such as CreateSpace, the opportunities for self-publishing authors have never been better. Even so, authors looking to distribute their work as widely as possible can often find themselves overwhelmed by the disparate formatting requirements for different platforms and outlets. And that’s where Ed Ditto comes to the rescue - by focusing purely on Scrivener’s powerful Compile feature and the most popular self-publishing formats, his guide takes the pain out of self-publishing by providing a complete solution for independent authors hoping to end their formatting woes and get to what they love most: writing.”

I hope you’ll take a look. Thanks much…

Ed Ditto

Edit: I also have several Scrivener tips & tricks articles at my website: http://EdDitto.com

Coincidentally, I bought this earlier today, and have just finished reading it. An enjoyable expedition through Scrivener’s compile functionality, one output format at a time. Congratulations, Ed, on what seems to be a very useful and approachable guide to self-publishing with Scrivener.

Thank you so much…I appreciate the good word.

Thank you so much, Ed! I’m looking forward to using it and trying it out when I’ve finished this year’s NaNo novel.

I am a newbie with a book! Did I spell newbie right? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Are there any copies left? I have fought with the conversion process and finally gave up in scrivener and have been doing it in Word along with Calibre. It would be great if I could do it all in Scrivener.
DB Macks

All gone, but thanks for the interest. The book’s now available from Amazon…see a sample and read reviews at the book’s Amazon page: http://tinyurl.com/cnnfhy2

Ed, very happy to purchase your most useful book.

To all those who hastily sucked up the freebies,
I would just say that writers need paying readers
As much as inspiration, discipline, and good reviews.

Plus, it’s only $4.99, for cry-eye.
In my town, that’s one slice of pizza. :unamused:

Thanks, Druid…I appreciate the plug, there. Did you leave me an Amazon review yet? Please consider it if you haven’t.

And $4.99 for a slice? That had better be from a damned good pie…but yeah, I used to live in Boston, where $4.99 wouldn’t even buy you a tomato.