⌥⌘5 – What happens?

I recently assigned my Styles to the Style-Shortcuts, but the Shortcut ⌥⌘5 does not work. Instead, the selection in the Binder jumps around, seemingly at random. Has this shortcut been assigned twice? I don’t have it assigned in the System Preferences and I found no such shortcut in the manual.

EDIT: I just found out what happens. ⌘[ is the shortcut for “Go Back”. As I’m using the German keyboard layout, ⌥⌘5 actually enters ⌘[ as ⌥5 is the command for “[”. Is there a way to circumvent this?

Just an idea…

As ⌘[ has been assigned to the “Backward in Document History” Scrivener shortcut, perhaps it would work if the “Backward in Document History” shortcut was reassigned with a different shortcut that doesn’t conflict with the German keyboard layout? Would that then free up ⌥⌘5 to work as you want it to?

Actually, the idea above probably won’t work as the German keyboard settings will kick in first, won’t they? Hope someone can provide a solution for you.

Thanks, JoRo! It actually worked. I re-assigned the Backwards in Document History command to ctrl-alt-5, making room for cmd-5.

But you are right, the German layout comes first. For example, there is another shortcut, for going backwards in the other editor, alt-cmd-[. This is a shortcut that is impossible to achieve because “[” is achieved by pressing alt-5, so when pressing alt-cmd-5, what reaches macOS is cmd-[. As a result, many of the alt-cmd shortcuts need to be re-assigned.

EDIT; I just now realize what you meant. Yeah, I’m not actually sure why alt-cmd-5 now works, because it should read as cmd-[. Maybe Apple has this figured out, and my case was just a weird conflict.

I woke at 3 in the morning, thinking that I had screwed things up. Glad it has worked for you. If it works, it works. Relief.

Thanks a lot! But it was merely a minor nuisance. No need to lose sleep over. I still appreciate it, though.